I am currently working on my next game. I will provide information about it in the near future. Here are some information about it.

Embark on an epic journey inspired by the timeless masterpiece, “The Divine Comedy,” in a visually stunning and emotionally gripping video game experience.
Soulkeeper: Descent Into Inferno invites players to become the savior of lost souls, battling against the forces of darkness in a harrowing quest through the nine layers of Hell.
As Dante, a courageous and determined hero, you must navigate treacherous environments filled with dangerous obstacles and deadly tentacles that seek to claim the souls of the damned.
Your mission is clear: move platforms strategically, rescue the tormented spirits of good and evil, and guide them to the safety of a mystical portal.
Explore the 9 Layers of hell. Uncover the mysteries within each level, and confront a formidable boss at the climax of your perilous descent.